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Helping Teachers Help Kids

We provide FREE classroom supplies to public school students throughout Napa County so these children can succeed.

And We Need YOUR Help!

You can help by donating money and needed supplies, by volunteering your time, or by attending one of our fundraising events.

Remember to include TRCNB as your non-profit of choice and at no cost to you, Amazon will donate .05% of your purchase to our cause.
Helping Teachers Help Kids!
Tinfoil Project sm

Tinfoil Recycling Project

The Tinfoil Recycling Project is an exciting endeavor. The idea centers on the concept of recycling tin capsules from wine bottles. TRCNB supplies participating wineries with collection buckets to recycle the tin from the neck of each wine bottle. We collect the donations on a quarterly basis or earlier as needed and deliver to a local recycling business.

Click below to see our growing list of 40+ participating wineries and restaurants and how you might get involved.

Thank you for
Helping Teachers Help Kids.


June 2010 - February 2021

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Top Ten Most
Needed Supplies

  1.    Composition Books
  2.    Spiral Notebooks
  3.    2-Pocket Folders
  4.    Highlighters
  5.    Filler Paper
  6.    Graph Paper
  7.    Glue Sticks
  8.    Scissors
  9.    Construction Paper
  10.    Index Cards 
Thank you to CanDo’s Napa Valley Give!Guide 2021. Fortunately, TRCNB was again included in this amazing, community-based fundraising event. Never before have we been so financially compromised, having lost most of our fundraising efforts during 2020 and 2021. Donations through the Give!Guide helped us immensely.
to read about this project.
helping teachers help kids

Are you a

Supplies are provided directly to teachers who deliver them to their students.

Want to

Would you like to be one of the precious volunteers who make it all happen?

Thank You Partners

TRCNB, both grateful and proud to be associated with KINF, thanks them for supporting our students and teachers with much needed classroom supplies. Visit KINF.org to learn more.

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