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Our Mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is to ensure that every public school student in Napa county and beyond, as we are able, has the tools he/she needs to succeed in the classroom.



TRCNB is pleased to work with


Kids in Need is a national

non-profit foundation that

provides free school supplies

to children most in need.




Help us restock

our shelves 


Most Needed Supplies


1. #2 Pencils
2. Spiral Notebooks
3. Construction Paper
4. Crayons
5. Dry Erase Markers
6. Colored Markers
7. 2-Pocket File Folders
8. Index Cards
9. Graph Paper
10.  Scissors


Teacher Resource Center of the North Bay was selected to participate in the Napa Valley Give!Guide this year.  

TRCNB provides basic school supplies to every public school in Napa County. We want to ensure that every student has the materials necessary to succeed in the classroom, including pencils, glue sticks, notebooks, copy paper, and more. 

These essential tools guarantee that all students, especially those in financial need, can fully participate in daily learning activities with their classmates. Not only is student self-esteem enhanced, but their learning environment improves as their confidence grows.

Teachers shop free of charge for basic classroom supplies at TRCNB's warehouse. 

TRCNB receives no federal or state funding.  Our funding comes from YOU.  Please give just $10 to help Teachers help Kids succeed in the classroom by ensuring they have the necessary school supplies. 


Click on the logo above to watch an

NBC Nightly News segment on the

Kids in Need Foundation.

TRCNB, both grateful and proud to be associated with KINF, thanks them for supporting our students and teachers with much needed classroom supplies.  

$275,000 worth of classroom materials have been donated to TRCNB through KINF! They are truly making a difference in kids' lives.

Watch a short video about TRCNB