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Our Mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is to ensure that every public school student in Napa county and beyond, as we are able, has the tools he/she needs to succeed in the classroom.



TRCNB is pleased to work with


Kids in Need is a national

non-profit foundation that

provides free school supplies

to children most in need.




Help us restock

our shelves 


Most Needed Supplies


1. #2 Pencils
2. Spiral Notebooks
3. Construction Paper
4. Crayons
5. Dry Erase Markers
6. Colored Markers
7. 2-Pocket File Folders
8. Index Cards
9. Graph Paper
10.  Scissors

postheadericon Up Valley Shopping

For Up Valley teachers who cannot shop at our store due to distance,

we are happy to offer Online Shopping again! It is simple as 1-2-3:

                                         1.  Click on the "Shop Now" link below.

                                         2.  Find your school and name.

                                         3.  Fill in quantity for each item not to exceed limits mentioned at top of column. 

                                              Your entries should be a number only.

You are finished! Your entry is automatically saved. 

Your order will be filled by Volunteers and delivered the last week of February.

Whether a returnee or first time shopper, you will find lots of useful items to share with your students.

Also, there will be a few extras with your order that aren't on this list.

Please review the sample order in yellow before starting which should help you with quantities.

Take what you need for this semester and remember

that you can shop again during the next semester.




  100% of all donations go to TRCNB.  

Come by and Help us Help Kids.



Click on the logo above to watch an

NBC Nightly News segment on the

Kids in Need Foundation.

TRCNB, both grateful and proud to be associated with KINF, thanks them for supporting our students and teachers with much needed classroom supplies.  

$275,000 worth of classroom materials have been donated to TRCNB through KINF! They are truly making a difference in kids' lives.

Watch a short video about TRCNB