Dear Teacher Resource Center,
Thank you for your generous support! The supplies you donated are helping to make our classroom run more smoothly!
Carly Berens, 3rd grade teacher, Donaldson Way Elementary

Thanks Teacher Resource Center!
As a first year teacher, I very much value your contributions to our classroom! My Bel Aire Park third graders also thank you.

“Thank you so much for the needed classroom supplies and the box of spiral notebooks. Our class is going through pencils like beavers making a home.”
“I just relocated here from the San Diego area and I have never experienced such a wonderful ‘gem’. It’s only possible due to the dedicated volunteers. I really appreciate all your help!”
“Thank you so much for the classroom supplies – wonderful things for students to use in the classroom completing their projects. Your generosity puts smiles on student faces, and it allow students to take greater pride in their work.”
  • Teachers give TRCNB a gold star!!
  • “This is the real deal! Helpful, fun and essential! Endless Thanks!”
  • “I feel guilty. I usually buy this with my own money.”
  • “I’m almost in tears. I can’t get over the generosity of people.”
  • “Love everything!! This is awesome!!”
  • “1st time here & I’m overwhelmed by the generosity!”
  • “I love it! Greatly appreciated!! It means a lot to us teachers who get such a small budget.”
  • “Thank you so much for this awesome resource!!”
  • “Thank you! Great way to start the year!”
  • “Thank you for all this great stuff!”
  • “Everything is fabulous!
  • “You have a wonderful selection…”
  • “Love it all! You are awesome!”
  • “Thank you so much. Unbelievable – this place is so helpful!”
  • “Everything was great!! And I am very thankful to you!!! And all the donors! Thank you!”
  • “You are so organized!”
  • “I love this place!”
  • “All Great! Every little bit helps!!!”
  • “You guys are great!”
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