Kathleen Montgomery, after retirement from a 40 year career as a registered dental hygienist, heard the following discouraging comments from friends that planted the seed for what has now become TRCNB:

“Well, here I go again spending $500 to $1000 this school year on supplies for my first graders.”

“I’m already out of paper and it’s only the end of October. The school has informed me that I must pay back the school for anymore paper that I use the rest of the school year!”

“We received a list before school started of 15 classroom items that our son was to bring to school on the first day back. The school also asked for a donation of $100 to cover cost of classroom supplies for the rest of the year.”

Kathleen decided there was something wrong with this picture. Students should not have to depend on their teachers buying supplies for them to prosper in the classroom. Therefore, with a small group of volunteers who shared her concerns, she spent a year of planning and recruiting until June, 2010 when TRCNB became a reality. Official 501©3 status was given to TRCNB as a non-profit and shopping began for public school teachers to obtain FREE classroom supplies.

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